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Creative informal learning environments with new technologies for indigenous communities Discuss this presentation on facebook

SALAS PILCO, Sdenka (PhD student - Faculty of Education - The University of Hong Kong)

Time:15 June 2012, Friday, 11:10 - 11:30 am
Venue:Room 8 & 9, Collaboration Zone, Level 3, Main Library, HKU
Sub-theme:Emerging technologies: cloud computing, mobile technologies, beyond Web 2.0 – changing affordances for emerging practices
Presentation format:Paper Presentations
Medium of instruction:English

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Creativity plays a crucial role in our globalized and fast changing world. This 21st century skill is considered the backbone of future development. Creativity as a strategic human capital can be fostered in different ways; one of them is including children in this mainstream amplifying their creative thinking and learning using new technologies. In this respect, it will be considered a systemic approach that relates the individuals’ characteristics, the learning environment, the new technologies and the socio-cultural context of an indigenous community as well as the interactions among these components that as a whole will contribute to enhance creativity.



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