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Teaching using the Participation Discussion Forum methodology Discuss this presentation on facebook

KNUTZEN, Brant (Faculty of Education - HKU)

Time:15 June 2012, Friday, 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Venue:Room 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building, HKU
Sub-theme:e-Leadership: Leading e-learning in a changing education ecology – managing change in a constantly changing environment
Presentation format:Symposia (group of presentations on a theme)
Medium of instruction:English


Do you need a sustainable eLearning methodology for integrating online discussions as formative learning activities? The Participation Forum is a modified Moodle discussion forum activity which automatically awards participation points and dynamically generates a grade for each student based on their posting activity. This presentation will review the pedagogy based on social constructivism and socio-cultural factors which motivates the QUALITY of the student posting behavior. This teaching methodology creates a foundation of participation, where the teaching role is still crucial for guiding learning and scaffolding student understanding to higher order thinking skills.


I am the Learning Designer for the Faculty of Education at HKU, and also a candidate for the doctorate in Education.

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