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The framework of viewing and representing skills for engagement with digital texts Discuss this presentation on facebook

KHOO, Kay (The University of Hong Kong)

Time:15 June 2012, Friday, 10:50 - 11:10 am
Venue:Room 10 & 11, Collaboration Zone, Level 3, Main Library, HKU
Sub-theme:Learning analytics: analysis and visualization tools to support assessment for learning and just-in-time feedback
Presentation format:Paper Presentations
Medium of instruction:English

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This paper reports how the four participating children view and represent through digital text in the context of their out-of-school technology use. Understanding how these practices extended into their English language classrooms was explicated based on emerging data. The study results identify five aspects of emerging skills acquired by the children. These skills were not extended into the children’s schoolwork – a reflection on the emphasis on mono-mode language learning in the class setting. A detailed examination of the individual skills led to the development of the viewing and representing framework through digital text.


EdD student of The Faculty of Education



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