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Novice and expert use of e-resources: A longitudinal study Discuss this presentation on facebook

CHOI, Andy (HKU MScLIM part-time student)

Time:15 June 2012, Friday, 4:40 - 5:00 pm
Venue:Room 8 & 9, Collaboration Zone, Level 3, Main Library, HKU
Sub-theme:e-Leadership: Leading e-learning in a changing education ecology – managing change in a constantly changing environment
Presentation format:Paper Presentations
Medium of instruction:English

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This study aims to examine search tactics differences between the novice and expert e-resources users of ten years ago and today. Think-aloud protocol transcriptions of e-resources searchers gathered ten years ago and today will be used for extracting search statements for statistical analysis. Comparison covers three main areas: source selected, use of search terms strategies (Hembrooke et al., 2005) such as broadening and refining, and use of system-based search tactics. This research could be useful for generalizing a list of search tactics to shortcut the learning curve of novice e-resources searchers to become experienced searchers.



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