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Cloud Computing + iWrite = Infinite Possibility to Enhance Learners’ Experience on Mobile Devices Discuss this presentation on facebook

TAM, Vincent (Dept. of EEE, The University of Hong Kong)

Time:15 June 2012, Friday, 12:00 - 12:20 pm
Venue:Room 10 & 11, Collaboration Zone, Level 3, Main Library, HKU
Sub-theme:Emerging technologies: cloud computing, mobile technologies, beyond Web 2.0 – changing affordances for emerging practices
Presentation format:Paper Presentations
Medium of instruction:English


Continuing the success of the iWrite system that uses a fast and much improved character recognition technique, all Chinese characters are systematically classified and stored in a word net as according to their similarity or difference in basic constructs of Chinese characters. The resulting word net is easily extendible to adapt the learners' self pace of learning, thus supporting personalized learning. After integrating with our proposed efficient cloud computing platform, the extended iWrite system will permit each individual learner to check his/her own progress through downloading and reviewing all the learned Chinese characters, phrases and sentences from the cloud storage.


Dept. of EEE - Senior Teaching Consultant and Honorary Assistant Professor

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