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Submit a proposal   

To submit a proposal, please go to http://ocs.cite.hku.hk/index.php/citers2012/ELCLETP/author/submit and follow the 4 steps below:

  1. Start the submission
  2. Enter the submission's metadata
  3. Upload supplementary files
  4. Confirm submission

If you are new to our conference system, please refer to http://citers2012.cite.hku.hk/en/ocs-new-ac.htm

I. Start the submission


1. Select a sub-theme under "Track".


2. Select an appropiate presentation format

3. Read and check the submission checklist


4. Click the "Save and continue" button

II. Enter the submission's metadata


5. Fill in all required fields.

6. Add the second author and onward, if necessary.


7. Change the author sequence by clicking the up and down arrows before every first name, if necessary.

8. Delete an author, if necessary.


9. Enter the title and abstract of your proposal.

10. Click the "Save and continue" button to proceed.

III. Upload supplementary files


11. Click "browse" button and select the target file from your hard drive.


12. When the file path appears on the textbox beside, click the "upload" button.


13. Give a title to the file you've just uploaded.

14. Click the "Save and continue" button to proceed.


15. You can read what and when you have uploaded in the "File summary" list.

IV. Confirm submission

16. Click the "Finish Submission" button to confirm. A confirmation message appears as below. After that, you can no longer delete but can still edit the proposal. A confirmation email will be sent to you later.


Last modified on 9 Mar 2012
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