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Learning Analytics: A new lens for understanding learning and teaching   

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Dr. George Siemens
Associate Director of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, Athabasca University

Time : 15 June 2012, Friday, 2:30 - 3:30 pm
Venue : Multi-purpose Room 01, Level 3, Main Library, HKU
Medium of instruction : English



Chair: Prof. Nancy LAW

Speaker: Dr. George SIEMENS



Organizations - higher education, corporate learning, and primary and secondary systems - have access to a trove of data that is largely ignored. With today's increasingly digital world, many of the activities of learners and educators are captured and recorded. Each point of contact that a learner has with an institution leaves a digital trail. This data trail holds new insights into how we should teach, how students learn, and even how courses should be designed and implemented. Businesses and governments have been early leaders in gleaning value from big data and analytics. This presentation will introduce the context and change pressures that are driving organizational interest in learning analytics. The role of learning analytics as part of a student success system will be discussed, emphasizing the need for early warning of at-risk students and the importance of adaptive and personalized learning. Finally, a model of a data-intensive learning organization will be presented that blends the technical aspects of analytics with the importance of preserving social networked pedagogies.


George Siemens is a educator and researcher on learning, networks, analytics, and openness in education. He is the author of Knowing Knowledge, an exploration of how the context and characteristics of knowledge have changed and what it means to organizations today, and the Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning. Knowing Knowledge has been translated into Mandarin, Spanish, Persian, and Hungarian. Dr. Siemens is the Associate Director of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University, leading the learning analytics research team. Previously, he was the Associate Director, Research and Development, with the Learning Technologies Centre at University of Manitoba.

He is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences detailing the influence of technology and media on education, organizations, and society, having presented at conferences in more than 30countries. His work has been profiled in provincial, national, and international newspapers (including NY Times), radio, and television. His research has received numerous national and international awards. He will receive an honorary doctorate from Universidad de San Martin de Porres for his pioneering work in learning, technology, and networks in May 2012. Siemens has maintained the elearnspace blog (www.elearnspace.org/blog) for eleven years and www.connectivism.ca for six years.


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